It looks as though TNA will survive until the end of the year as Dixie Carter looks to have secured funds that will last until the end of December. This news comes from wrestling reporter Joshua LaBar, who took to Twitter to tell the world that Carter has “secured funds for TNA to survive for remainder of 2016.” LaBar also stated that TNA has not been sold to Billy Corgan, WWE or any other investor. It is unclear, at this moment, where Dixie Carter got the money to keep TNA alive.

This comes after weeks of speculation that TNA was about to go under, forcing Carter to put her majority shares in the company up for sale. It was unknown until a few days ago whether TNA’s PPV Bound For Glory would go ahead, due to lack of funding. Luckily, the company found enough money to produce the show and now look ahead to the next few months of tapings.

It is likely that WWE and Billy Corgan will make attempts to buy the company again at the end of the year. That is if TNA are still struggling financially.

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