He’s gone and he isn’t coming back. Every single time you chant his name, you’re belittling the wrestlers in WWE that actually care enough about you to put their bodies and lives on the line for your entertainment, because that doesn’t describe CM Punk. He left us fans, and he left the industry, and it is high time we put down the drink, step back from the bar, and stop acting like a wounded ex who can’t let go.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with missing him or wanting him back. I do too. Would WWE be better if he was still there? Absolutely. Anyone who says otherwise is lying, but the thing is… he is gone. It’s been THREE YEARS, and no amount of chanting will bring him back. Even when WWE is in Chicago, it is at the point where the chants are no longer funny or relevant to the situation. I used the analogy that we are like a wounded ex, and it is a poignant one. Continuing to audibly pine for one person who doesn’t want to be with us while we are surrounded by people who do is as detrimental to mental health as ignoring children to pine over the leaving of a spouse.

We have a WWE and NXT full of people who want to be here and are doing their best to put on good shows. Sure, things could be better at times, but that could be said about all aspects of life. If you were in a movie theater to see the new Star Wars, for instance, and someone sat at the back yelling about how the new ones weren’t as good as the originals, do you see how you might find that annoying? Do you see how the filmmakers and actors might find that extremely insulting?

If this all wasn’t a convincing argument for letting the chants die, maybe this will be. CM Punk may very well come back. How would you prefer it happen? Would you rather it be completely anticlimactic with chants of his name filling the arena before his music hits, or would you rather it be a surprise and pop so loud it lifts the roof? If you’re being honest, you would prefer the latter. So please, regardless of which argument makes more sense, let’s stop the chants and appreciate the wrestlers who stayed and not the man who left us years ago.

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