During an interview with GameSpot, Ric Flair stated that, in his mind, the best four wrestlers in the business right now are A.J. Styles, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and, of course, his daughter Charlotte.

Ric is one of the greatest of all time, if not THE greatest of all time. He holds the record for World Championship reigns at 16, and, until recently, was alone on that plateau. He was an amazing heel in his prime, and he managed to be one of the more entertaining in the business even into his old age. Even now, he can spit a promo with the best of them, so his opinion is one worthy of respect and listening to. Still though, there is a bit of bias in his statement that needs to be addressed.

Seth Rollins and A.J. Styles definitely belong in the conversation, but Randy and Charlotte get there because of their relation to Ric, in my opinion. Randy was one of the best 5-10 years ago, but now, his persona has begun to grate on my nerves, and I know I am not alone in this. Being the cocky and brash bad boy works in ones 20s and even 30s, but he needs a new schtick. Having his persona at his age is akin any other middle-aged man trying to act cool and hip. Additionally, in the ring, his moveset has gotten stale as well. If I have to hear “Vintage Orton!“ one more time, I might just go off the deep end. And as for Charlotte, she just isn’t that good. Don’t misconstrue. She isn’t bad by any stretch, but she is barely in the conversation for best 4 women in the WWE, let alone best wrestlers in the industry.

So, Ric, I love you dearly, but you’re wrong. Seth and A.J., I’ll agree, but I think the other two can be found elsewhere. Personally, my votes are The Miz and Kevin Owens. Though KO may not be everyone’s vote, I think we can all agree on The Miz. Even you, Ric, he is a younger you after all.

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