2017 has been the year of tag teams breaking up, from DIY, JerichKO, American Alpha and Enzo & Cass. While Big Cass looks destined for big things on Monday Night Raw, since their split Enzo Amore has been left floundering, and the perfect spot to save The Certified G is 205 Live.

For the foreseeable future WWE clearly has big plans for Cass and deservingly so, he has the look of a top heel and has proven that he can perform on the big stage; for example his performance in defeat in the Fatal Four Way for the Universal Title (which Kevin Owen’s eventually won) on Raw last year was great! However it is important to also make the most out of Enzo, and the way to do this is for him to head to 205 Live.

Enzo is without a doubt one of the most charismatic superstars on the roster, while his in-ring work is sloppy at beast, his promo ability near the best in the company right now; in particular his recent promos on Cass since his turn have been career best work for Enzo.

While 205 Live hosts some incredibly athletic superstars who are fantastic in the ring, they lack big characters and personalities and this is exactly what Enzo Amore can provide. Enzo already has an incredible relationship with the crowd, and even the chants of “OH ENZO AMORE” would be enough to light a spark in the post Smackdown crowd, and hopefully get fans fired up for the rest of the show. Enzo’s character would mix perfectly with the heel stars like Neville, and who wouldn’t love to see Enzo and his incredible mic skills go jab-for-jab with someone like The Brian Kendrick.

Enzo Amore is enough of a star on Raw that he could potentially bring more mainstream eyes and attention to the struggling 205 Live, and given a good story he can definitely create much greater hype and interest in the show. In saying this, Enzo is not big enough of a star to draw attention away from other top 205 Live stars.

While it is almost inevitable that Enzo & Cass will one day reunite due to their incredible popularity and the fact they did not achieve near their potential as a team, keeping Enzo & Cass as far away from each other as possible is the way to go; distance only makes the heart grow fonder. Enzo is capable of far more than jobbing in the ring on Raw, or just being a manager for someone like the Big Show; move Enzo to 205 Live and let the star within him come out.

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