Any news of a wrestler being seriously injured is terrible. Katsuyori Shibata was seriously injured earlier this year, but is reportedly doing much better. Yoshihiro Takayama may not be so lucky.


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that Yoshihiro Takayama is now paralyzed from the neck down from an injury that occurred three months ago. The 50 year old Takayama was injured three months ago from a botched sunset flip maneuver. The report says that Takayama can speak but is incapable of any movement from the neck down.


Yoshihiro Takayama is one of the most decorated athlete in all of Japanese professional wrestling. Some his accomplishments include:


  • 4x World Heavyweight Champion (various companies)
  • 9x Tag Team Champion (various companies)
  • 2x Global Tag League winner


Yoshihiro Takayama was also a professional MMA fighter with a 1-4 professional MMA record. He was involved with one of the most famous fights in professional MMA history in 2002 with Don Frye. At Pride 21, Yoshihiro Takayama battled Don Frye in what can only be described as an absolute slugfest. This fight lasted six minutes and ten seconds with what was seemingly a constant barrage of punches, knees, and kicks from both Takayama and Frye. This fight won the Fight of the Year award in 2002. Takayama also received his first professional MMA win when he returned to the sport in 2013. He won by KO over Hikaru Sato via suplex.


This is terrible news. Yoshihiro Takayama is a legend in the world of Japanese professional wrestling. With Shibata reportedly recovering well from his injury, let us hope that Takayama will do the same. All of us here at The 434 wish Takayama all the best and a speedy recover.

Do you have a favorite moment or match of Yoshihiro Takayama’s career? Let us know!

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