Are you the type of person who wants a certain wrestler to come back? Do you remember a certain time in wrestling as being amazing? Maybe you think your childhood favorite is the best… well I am here to tell you… that you’re wrong.

5. John Cena Sucks

I’m here to tell you all that Cena definitely does NOT suck. This guy has been perennial main event star for over a decade, a sixteen time World Champion, a Royal Rumble winner, and has put on some of the best matches of this century. John Cena and Edge is probably my favorite rivalry ever in the WWE. The biggest matches that have taken place of the last decade have included John Cena. Most modern fans will point to the John Cena and CM Punk match at Money in the Bank as the best match of the last ten years, well John Cena was a big part of that.

Supposedly he only has the five moves of doom, but how many moves did Stone cold have? Most wrestlers only have a repertoire of 5-7 moves that they have use a normal basis. So don’t give me that crap.

Supposedly he doesn’t want to put anyone over, but then you remember that he put over Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Sheamus, Edge, Dolph Ziggler, and most recently Shinsuke Nakamura.

All of this from a guy who has set the record for the most wishes granted to the Make-A-Wish foundation, and is getting married to Nikki Bella.

This is a guy that definitely doesn’t suck.  

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