A while ago, WWE picked up the Taboo Tuesday trademark for (a) future event(s). Now, we have some update regarding the trademark (Albeit speculative).

The plan WWE has with the Taboo Tuesday trademark is to use it for future special episodes of SmackDown. Ever since the draft, WWE has been doing PPV-esque TV airings/specials like Wild Card Finals and last week’s episode with John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura as the main event.

Non-PPV special airings aren’t all that uncommon, but exceedingly rare. Before Raw and SmackDown got on the air, Saturday Night’s Main Event included more storyline advancement and bigger matches than most normal airings at the time. Raw, SmackDown and even NXT have had special episodes in the past. Such as Thursday Raw Thursday, Raw Homecoming, Three-For-All, Champions Choice Night and yearly Draft (2002-2010) and Slammy Awards shows (2008-2015) for Raw. Night of Champions, All-Star Kick-Off, a live episode in 2010 and the 2016 draft episode for SmackDown. NXT used to air TakeOvers to replace normal episodes in the beginning of their TakeOver run, but before that they have aired an Clash of Champions episode (Also featuring main roster title defences) and a Road to WrestleMania episode exclusively featuring main roster matches. The WWE Network also had some specials independent from the shows such as Beast in the East, Live from MSG, Roadblock and the UK branded shows.

The Taboo Tuesday name isn’t unknown with hardcore WWE fans either as the name was used as a PPV in October 2004 and November 2005. Both shows were Raw exclusive and relied on fan voting via the internet for stipulations, opponents, weapons or even the referee. The original incarnation of Taboo Tuesday was nixed because it conflicted with SmackDown (Which taped on Tuesdays back then) and got replaced with Cyber Sunday, which retained the fan voting aspect until 2008, where Cyber Sunday got replaced by Bragging Rights and fan voting got reserved for special Raw episodes and later as RawActive/WWEActive during random episodes of Raw.

What do you guys think about Taboo Tuesday returning and what are your speculations? Tell us in the comments down below.

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