This week saw arguably the biggest match in Ring of Honor Television history with The American Nightmare Cody defending his Ring of Honor World Championship against The Almighty Christopher Daniels in a Two-out-of-Three Falls Match. Also former World Champion Jay Lethal returned to ROH Television with a vengeance

Opening the show was a magnificent video package hyping the nights main event. Cody talking so openly about WWE and nearly grabbing the “Brass Ring”, being so close yet so far, literally having the ‘briefcase’ slip out of his fingertips, was great to hear and did wonders to remind us just how far Cody has come in such a short amount of time on the Independent Scene. This cemented him as the babyface at least for tonight.

A promo from three weeks ago aired where the challenger Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian cemented their heel turns. Daniels spoke about how when he became champion the Ring of Honor fans turned their backs on him and how he deserves so much more, teasing the fans for supporting him so wildly when he became champion. He too threatened to win the title and then leave the company.

A break from Cody & Daniels, Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser came to the ring to once again remind fans of Jay Lethal and his absence. Again they ran down Lethal as they described exactly what they did to him all those weeks ago. Jay Lethal however returned with a vengeance and unleashed, laying waste to both men. This feud has built well and hopefully can kick on now. This segment was a little long-winded and stretched out, but still really good.

Billed as the biggest match in ROH Television history, Cody retained his World Championship winning a clean 2-0. After a relatively slow start (not in that nice, building kind of way), Daniels got the upper and targeting the injured separated shoulder of Cody. Some of Daniels interaction with the crowd was genuinely hilarious, particularly with a young kid in the front row. Cody went for the Rainmaker but missed in a nice reference to his match against Okada shortly after winning the ROH title. The first fall came after a ref bump where Frankie Kazarian introduced a steel chair, only to get attacked by Bullet Club Member The Villain Marty Scrull. Cody rolled up Daniels for the first fall after the ref recovered enough to stop Daniels using the chair, however Daniels then nailed Cody with the chair before the bell could ring for the second fall, a brilliant spot. Christopher Daniels hit Cody’s own Cross-Rhodes as well as his own Angels Wings, but Cody was able to kick out of both finishing moves. Daniels missed the BME and Cody hit Cross-Rhodes to retain his title 2-0 in convincing fashion. Daniels really put Cody over hard here and it is difficult to see where The Almighty gets another rematch from, and even more interesting who the next Challenger to the World Title will be. However Daniels is getting incredible reactions as a heel and it’s hard to see many complaints if this feud does continue. While perhaps the biggest match in ROH TV history, this was hardly the best match in ROH TV history.

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