Paige has become quite the controversial figure in the world of pro wrestling since she entered into a relationship with Alberto Del Rio last year.

Suspensions, police investigations and leaked private photos and videos have led to one of the most public downfalls of a popular wrestler in recent memory.

Her association with Del Rio has not helped her either. The two may be in love but he does carry a stigma throughout the business, and trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes.

Many people believe that Paige, despite her immense talent, is very lucky to still be under contract with WWE. She has been a part of videos online where her partner has publicly bashed the company that she works for.

It’s not a good look for her, and to pile that on top of suspensions and injuries and sex tapes, it probably would have been a good move for WWE to cut ties with her.

But obviously something is holding the company back, and Forbes may have found the reason. Paige is set to be the centre of a new WWE Studios movie coming out called Fighting With My Family, detailing her and her famous wrestling family.

The project is going to cost WWE Studios $17.5 million to produce, and for a company that operated at a loss of over $200,000 last year in that sector, it probably wouldn’t have been a wise move to release the person who said movie is based on.

Word is also going around at that moment that Paige is set for a return some time in the next month or two. Reports have been conflicting thus far; PWInsider are reporting that she could be back within the next week, while Pro Wrestling Sheet are saying that she won’t be evaluated for her injuries until the end of the month.

The best thing for Paige at this stage in her life would be to get back to what she does best, and that is wrestle in front of thousands of people. She is one of the best female wrestlers on the planet when she is active, so more power to her and WWE should they bring her back to TV soon.

The reasoning for it aside, it will be good business for both parties to put the past behind them and bring her back to our screens.

Do you want to see Paige back in WWE soon? Would she be better suited on Raw or Smackdown?

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