Monday Night Raw went north to Toronto Canada for a show that had it all. WWE Universal Champion laid waste to everyone in his path as perhaps the two best talkers in WWE today Paul Heyman & The Miz traded barbs, the Raw Women’s Championship scene was reset given the unfortunate injury to Bayley, and Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose continued to perfectly tease a partial Shield reunion in an episode of storytelling perfection. All this capped off with an unbelievable main event pitting Roman Reigns against Braun Strowman in a Last Man Standing Match.

Raw opened with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar & his advocate Paul Heyman joining the Miz & The Miztourage for MizTV. Miz & Heyman are two of the best on the microphone in the business and seeing them go toe-to-toe on the mic was fresh, exciting and amazing! Lesnar proceeded to annihilate the Miz & the Miztourage, hitting consecutive Germans and F5’s to all three of the heel. Lesnar was as intense and devastating as ever; an exciting and chaotic way to open the show.

Sheamus defeated Seth Rollins in a rematch from last week. After the match the Tag Champions beat down Rollins, but unlike last week, Ambrose despite the crowd’s wishes was nowhere to be found. Having Ambrose not make the save this week avoided becoming too predictable and further extends the tension between Rollins & Ambrose. Along with what happened later in the show, this is part of storytelling perfection.

Jason Jordan was scheduled to face Curtis Axel but after the beatdown from Lesnar, GM Kurt Angle found his son a new challenged in the form of Jean-Pierre Goulet. The crowd was quick to turn on Jordan here, with chants of “Let’s go Jobber” the audience just wasn’t into anything Jordan was doing. After what looks like an inevitable match with the Miz at Summerslam, it would make sense for Jordan to turn heel, particularly with Father & GM Kurt angle giving Jordan such easy competition.

Bayley was interviewed in the ring to talk about her injury and being ruled out of Summerslam. The standard emotional Bayley here led her to get booed by the crowd. Bayley predicted that her best friend Sasha Banks would be the one to go on and face Alexa Bliss at Summerslam. Hopefully this is all just more material towards Sasha’s eventually heel turn.

Sasha Banks defeats Emma & Alicia Fox in the first of two triple threat matches to decide who will compete in a number one contender match next week. Sasha was the obvious winner here and rightfully so, but it was Emma’s performance that impressed perhaps the most; showing that she has been criminally underused despite her injuries, and that she is one of the better women’s wrestlers on the roster right now. Her dislike of the four horsewomen has incredible potential. Emma went incredibly close to picking up the win which can only add more fuel to her fire; a really fun and energetic match.

Enzo Amore teamed with the Big Show to take on Gallows and Anderson after a quick promo from the Certified G. The Club got the much needed win but only after a distraction from Big Cass who then attacked Enzo & Big Show only to receive a Knockout Punch for his troubles. This whole feud has just fallen so flat it’s hard to really care anymore, at one point Big Cass hit a Big Boot on Big Show, it’s getting ridiculous. Disappointing that Gallows & Anderson are perceived as at this level.

Kurt Angle announces that at Summerslam Big Cass will face Big Show with Enzo Amore suspended above the ring in a shark tank. What is it with WWE’s recent obsession with Shark Tanks?

Finn Balor was in the ring to speak about his situation involving Bray Wyatt. Wyatt appeared in the ring but Balor was prepared and ready, sitting on the turnbuckle, a really nice touch; Balor got the upper hand but Wyatt disappeared only to reappear on the Big Screen for another promo. This feud has incredible potential, Balor & Wyatt are perfect foils for each other and this is the perfect way to reintroduce the Demon to WWE at Summerslam, one year on from its last appearance; The Demon to battle Wyatt’s satanic ways.

Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro in an incredible match. The two built the match perfectly with both men excelling in the ring. Post-match again Cesaro & Sheamus attacked Ambrose, but this time Rollins was willing and able to make the save, unlike and despite Ambrose not doing the same for him earlier. Rollins seemed to gain Ambrose’s trust with Ambrose extending his fist symbolising The Shield, but this time it was Rollins who refused and left Ambrose high-and-dry. These teases of the partial Shield reunion are only making the eventual moment even bigger, and the inevitable heel turn even bigger than that. This is long-term storytelling perfection; the fans could not possibly be more emotionally invested.

Goldust returns his old school promos saying that his newest masterpiece will be revealed at Summerslam. Surely this is a pre-show thing, we hope.

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari in an underwhelming match. Nothing really of note in this match, a good win for the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Title, but again it seems the most prominent thing in the Cruiserweight Division is Titus Worldwide, which whilst has improved significantly, still is far from the highlight of the show.

Nia Jax absolutely destroyed Dana Brooke & Mickie James in the second women’s triple threat match. This was nothing but a squash exhibiting Nia Jax’s power and dominance, painting her as a serious threat to any and all. Underwhelming considering how good the first triple threat match was. Jax’s dominance here will do great for Sasha probably winning next week, Bliss vs Jax has potential but at Summerslam would stand to be far too forced and rushed.

The main event saw Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns battle in a Last Man Standing Match and this was perfect! These two men have faced each other countless times in 2017, however this stands to be their best match so far! Brutal, vicious and wild from the onset, these two monsters battered each other including steel steps, a table, the entrance ramp and LED Screens and more, until Samoa Joe emerged from ringside to choke out Roman Reigns, allowing Strowman to jump up at the count of eight and pick up the win. A crazy main event making both competitors look unstoppable while Samoa Joe appears a smart predator, this main event was perfection and continues the magnificent build to Summerslam.

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