It’s no secret that John Cena is now a free agent within WWE following his return on July 4th.

He addressed the WWE Universe about his status as a ‘part-timer’, and says that moving forward he would no longer be exclusive to one brand. This obviously opens up the door for a plethora of big money matches against the likes of Samoa Joe and most notably, Roman Reigns.

Since his announcement, Cena is yet to appear on an episode of Raw. This is set to change however, as he is now being advertised for the September 4th edition of WWE’s flagship show. The episode will emanate live from Omaha, Nebraska, and Cena is advertised to face the aforementioned Samoa Joe.

Obviously the lineup for the event is open to change, as all WWE events are, but the fact that Cena is being advertised is pretty exciting. The star power he will add to the brand is unquestionable. The ability for Cena at his age and status in the business to swap between brands is definitely a wise decision on WWE’s behalf.

Cena looks set to face Baron Corbin at Summerslam following the events after Smackdown went off the air last week. This is a fresh feud for the 16-time World champion, and should elevate the current Money in the Bank holder to the main event level.

As for potential John Cena matches with Raw superstars, the options are endless. Braun Strowman would be a great foil for him, as Cena has always done well against larger opponents. Samoa Joe is obviously a dream match for many fans. A feud with Finn Balor could be exciting, or even Elias Samson who has found his place on the Raw brand.

But no doubt the biggest money match for Cena of any man on the Raw roster is Roman Reigns. It’s a match we haven’t seen before, and could serve as a real passing of the torch moment for the man who is clearly slated as the next face of the company in Reigns.

Who would you like to see John Cena face on the Raw brand? How many more ‘dream matches’ does Cena need to tick off?

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