For an amount of five years, TNA/GFW has cut back on the monthly PPV’s and even cut back from four to two real PPV’s a year. However, current developments show that GFW might add a PPV event for a change.

GFW has been in talks of letting the Lockdown event return as a PPV instead of a special episode of Impact. If it would happen though, don’t expect it to happen this year, as it would happen sometime next year (Probably on April). Lockdown used to be one of the big three PPV’s along with Slammiversary and Bound for Glory

The Lockdown events have been on the Impact rotation since 2005 after TNA moved from weekly PPV’s to monthly PPV’s and letting Impact do the most buildup. Only the first two Lockdown events have been in the Impact Zone as all other editions have been held in arenas all around the US. The last edition of Lockdown was held in the UK as part of an Impact taping. In 2014 the last Lockdown PPV aired as the 2015 and 2016 editions were special episodes of the Impact weekly show.

The event would feature every match being held in a steel cage (Or Six Sides of Steel when they used the six-sided ring) and also had staples such as the Xscape match (Multi-man elimination match where one of the final two have to escape the cage to win), Queen of the Cage (Reverse battle royal, cage style where the two people that entered the cage face each other in a steel cage match) and the Lethal Lockdown match (A variation of the WarGames match with one ring and sometimes the roof would be full of weapons).

Nowadays, the only live PPV airings GFW does are Slammiversary (Essentially the birthday event of the promotion in June with a King of the Mountain match (Reverse ladder) at some editions) and Bound for Glory (Called the WrestleMania of GFW as many big angles concluded or began there). Inbetween these months, One Night Only events take the PPV schedule/commitments over what are extra matches mostly taped in the Impact Zone with a theme (For example Jokers Wild or Knockouts Knockdown). Other events such as Hard Justice, No Surrender and Destination X have been repurposed for special Impact episodes.

What do you guys think of a possible addition to the PPV schedule of GFW? Leave your comments down below.

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