Former ECW World Champion and WWE colour commentator Taz is set to underdgo surgery on his hand in the near future.

The Human Suplex Machine has a history of neck issues stemming from a terrible injury during his ECW run. The injury first occurred in 1995 and over two decades later he is still feeling the effects.

Taz recently went in to detail on his daily show, The Taz Show, about the long-term effects of this injury. He said that due to the nerve damage sustained from this incident and throughout his career, he has minimal feeling in his right hand and lacks the ability to grip forcefully with it.

He said that the surgeons will be going through his wrist to try and bring some of these nerves ‘back to life’. He described the procedure as something similar to carpal tunnel surgery but on a larger scale.

Taz did not say when the surgery will be taking place.

This is just another case of a legendary wrestler still facing the consequences that are part and parcel of the wrestling business. Taz often goes in to detail regarding injuries and concussion issues on his show and how not only the ECW style, but pro wrestling in general at this time, has effected the lives of so many wrestlers later on.

Unfortunately for fans of The Taz Show, the surgery means that he will miss a few episodes. The show is largely successful through the CBS platform and provides over 10 hours a week in content.

Everyone here at The 434 wishes Taz all the best with his procedure and hope that it starts to rectify some of the nerve damage issues he is facing.

Do you listen to The Taz Show? Is the current pro wrestling landscape and style a safer one compared to past eras?

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