Shawn Michaels has been working with WWE’s developmental system since late last year and helping the NXT standouts prepare for life on the main roster.

Since starting his role as a trainer, many of the wrestlers in developmental have praised his work. Obviously learning under one of, if not the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, is going to help these younger or more inexperienced stars progress in the business.

Michaels recently spoke to The Rack Radio Show about his time in NXT and the vibe that the developmental system has:

They are a young, hungry group and that it is a different vibe. I believe it is everything pure about the wrestling business; you know, every one of them has a dream to go to the WWE and one day headline WrestleMania but this is an unbelievable fun process with them and you can feel it.

Michaels was reluctant to comment on who saw as NXT’s brightest stars, instead choosing to put over the group as a whole:

There are a number of them. I do my best to try and keep from, I don’t know, naming too many names and stuff like that. One, because you’re afraid you’re going to leave somebody out or put undue pressure on someone.

But I think there is a great deal of talent there from a number of guys and young ladies, to be perfectly honest. And that is what I think is so exciting, is there is a whole other generation that I think is going to take the wrestling business into the coming years and that is exciting to see, it really is.

Many believe that NXT has been the highlight of WWE recently. The top of the card is stacked with amazing talent such as Bobby Roode, Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black and Hideo Itami. Not since the peak of NXT in late 2014-mid 2015 have we experienced so much hype surrounding the brand.

With NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III looming, who do you see coming out of that show a bigger star than when they go in? Will Drew McIntyre be the man to finally dethrone Bobby Roode?

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