Poor Enzo Amore has had a rough run of luck lately hasn’t he?

Rumours about backstage heat piled on top of breaking up with his long-time tag partner Big Cass have led to plenty of reports about his place in the company.

There’s been talk of moving him to 205 Live or even back down to NXT. He’s reportedly been kicked off buses and locked out locker rooms. While he may be a controversial figure (or at least appears to be) behind the scenes, he’s still very popular with the audience.

Enzo may not be the greatest ring worker of all time but he has an uncanny underdog style that makes him unique. It goes hand in hand with the story they are telling about him having a big mouth but not being able to back it up in the ring.

The idea of Enzo not being a great worker have been highlighted further by former WWE wrestler Simon Gotch.

Gotch, who now goes by the name Simon Grimm, recently spoke with RFVideo and spoke about Enzo’s lack of in-ring ability:

I will say, to his credit, he believes his own bull****. He is 100% confident in himself to his detriment and the detriment of others around him. He’s an example of someone who has no excuse to not know wrestling, but he doesn’t know wrestling.

He broke his own leg trying to counter a wristlock. Yeah, when he was in the wheelchair on NXT TV, that’s how it happened. He broke his own leg trying to counter a wristlock. He blamed it on the canvas being loose.

To add to those comments, Gotch spoke about an incident where the Certified G was injured in a match with The Vaudevillians at Payback last year.

He all-but blamed the incident on Amore and said he himself had no heat for the spot:

I never knew if there was any [heat]. I think most people know that Enzo was kind of a clod in the ring.

What do you make of Gotch’s comments? Is Enzo Amore really that bad of a wrestler?

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