Recently we revealed that Tough Enough winner Sara Lee was released in a previous report, The Tough Enough star and winner Sara Lee was released from WWE/NXT on Friday morning. Many rumours have been floating around at the Performance Centre and online and many have speculated that her release may have had to do with her announcement that she is pregnant with fellow NXT Star Wesley Blake, which we have now been informed is not the case to be released, we should note it wouldn’t look good to release a contracted talent not long after announcing a pregnancy either.

We can now confirm that Sara Lee did not request her release however and that the company made the decision to cut her from the roster because the talent wasn’t where they wanted her to be at this stage and things weren’t really working out like they had hoped. Sara Lee’s one year deal with the company would have expired in late August or early September according to some sources it’s just depending on when Sara officially signed it.

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Sara Lee pictured above. Photo credit USANetwork

Sara Lee sadly never made an official WWE NXT television debut, but she had been working a few NXT Live Events from time to time. Sara Lee’s only televised match was against Alicia Fox that aired on WWE Tough Enough back on August 25th, 2015.

Sara is now the second member of the 2015 Tough Enough cast to be released, following ZZ Loupe, The Four3Four wishes her best in her future endeavors and congratulations on the pregnancy with Wesley Blake.

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