Magnum TA was a budding star that had his career ruined over 1986, Magnum was driving his Porsche and lost control. His crash was brutal, wrapping his car around a telephone pole. His accident caused his C-4 and C-5 vertebrae to “explode” and doctors were uncertain if he would ever walk again since his injuries, Magnum has since switched to using alternate methods to walking. His alternate means of walking caused trouble at Disney this week.


The stepdaughter of Magnum TA, professional wrestler Tessa Blanchard, posted multiple tweets about an incident involving Magnum Ta and Disney. She tweeted:

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is refusing to let my stepdad and my little siblings into the park with his Segway. He uses this in place of walking because he is paralyzed. This is absolutely ridiculous. He surprised them with a trip to Disney & then gets turned away? Happiest place on (earth)”


Tessa’s sister Taylor Blanchard-Dicks also posted about the incident on Facebook. She said:


“I never rant on facebook, but I am severely disappointed in Disney. As many of you know Terry Allen-Magnum TA uses a Segway (with a seat) as his daily mode of transportation after a career ending car accident leaving him paralyzed down the right side of his body. Today he was denied entrance into Magic Kingdom because the park doesn’t not allow Segway’s. They had no left handed operating wheelchairs for him to use. It makes zero sense to me why the park would not make this simple accommodation for someone. They claim to not allow Segways in the park yet offer a Segway tour in Epcot?!….My little brother and sister were so excited for their first trip to Disney World (sad face emoji). I’m not an expert but surely this is a violation of the ADA. This made me so sad! I’m praying something turns around for my family on their trip. Vacations are an extreme rarity for them and I hope that this is not what is most memorable from their trip.”


This is a terrible incident. In my opinion, Disney should have allowed Magnum to use his segway since no left-handed wheelchairs were available. Hopefully Disney will rectify their mistake and fix this bad situation.


How do you feel about the situation? Do you think Disney will issue an apology? Let us know!

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