8. Kevin Owens – ‘Fight’

The longest-reigning Universal Champion’s theme song fits him to a tee. It’s such a simple song and is easily recognisable.

Despite not having words, it can still get stuck in your head all day long and leave you banging your head or slapping your leg whenever you hear it played.

7. Seth Rollins – ‘The Second Coming

This is the first theme here that you can truly match to an iconic moment in WWE history. The scene of Rollins scurrying down to the ring in the main event of Wrestlemania 31 to this song is something that will sit with this writer forever.

A great moment was capped off perfectly by this fast-paced song that goes hand-in-hand with the high octane style of The Architect. The recent addition of a guy screaming ‘Burn It Down’ is pretty cool.

6. The Uso’s – ‘Done With That’ (Remix)

This is a recent one, and my god it is awesome. The original version of the song is a perfect fit for the new Uso’s character, but this new version with them rapping is brilliant. What the hell does ‘Day One Ish’ even mean? Who cares!

Bravo to Jimmy and Jey and to WWE. The twins are knocking it out of the park right now and this theme song is the icing on the cake for why they are so entertaning in their current run as heels on Smackdown Live.

5. Sasha Banks – ‘Sky’s The Limit’

Awesome theme for The Boss, and has been one of the staples of these sorts of discussions for a few years now. The opening few second always elicits a response from the crowd that is hard to parallel.

The lyrics about being at the top and nobody taking her spot really mesh well with her Boss persona and the urban feel is great.

4. Aleister Black – ‘Root Of All Evil’

If we’re talking about a theme correlating with a performer, this may just be the greatest example. This dark, gothic music is absolutely sensational. The feel of his entrance is so dark that by the time Black gets to the ring you can’t help but be captivated by his mystique.

The camera work during his entrance also needs some credit – it makes him feel like a bonafide star. Add in the fact that we usually get to see him kick people in the head after listening to it, and this is a recipe for success.

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