Repackaged. Not usually a word WWE Superstars or fans want to hear. It means that your character isn’t working, you aren’t getting a reaction, or Vince wants has same amazing idea for you (that’s sarcasm).

 Dolph Ziggler has been off of WWE Television for weeks now, only working live events. The company has no on-screen plans for him currently, with rumors of some stars being moved to NXT, he is a name rumored to be making the move. According to Dave Meltzer, Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been on TV because they have nothing for him and do not want to use him for throw away matches. Dolph is using the time to “refurbish” his character. While that’s not exactly the work repackage, I can’t see it being much different. Whatever the reason is I hope it does give Ziggler time to find new footing and come back refreshed and reinvigorated.

Being a bit of a Dolph Ziggler fan I have been extremely disappointed with his lack of usage and what has been done with him when he has been used. He is an extraordinary talent who needs be on every show doing what he does best, stealing the show. I would wish for a throwback version of The Show Off, going back stealing shows and girlfriends. As for moving to NXT, while that would make for some great matches and Ziggler will have a vast amount to teach the young talent about selling, that is not a place to have a former World Champion. It’s not like he doesn’t have anything to offer on the main roster. There are only two reasons to move him down to NXT. One is that they are done with him or even caring about him on the main roster. It’s well know that HHH doesn’t like him because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, Second, which is a better reason, they value him as a performer and think that he has value to give back in the form of bring in fans to NXT and teaching younger talent. I would like to think that is the reason, but that I’m not sure.

Whatever the reason he is off TV right now, whether it is a repackaging, refurbishing, or just a simple “we have nothing for you”, I hope to seen him back soon. Whether it is on NXT or WWE. He needs to come back and show off on my television!

Let me know what you think!

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