Whether you’re the biggest wrestling fan in the world or just a casual fan who watches when they can, you’ve probably heard of Dave Meltzer. He is the most well-known wrestling reviewer and critic in the world. Dave Meltzer is a polarizing figure in the world of professional wrestling. A lot of people love him, and a lot of people hate him. One person that has just revealed their feelings on Dave Meltzer is Baron Corbin.


Mr. Money In The Bank Baron Corbin posted on twitter today about Dave Meltzer, and they weren’t the kindest of words. At 6:22 PM on August 10th, Baron Corbin posted a series of replies to others on Twitter about Dave Meltzer:


“What matches and promos has Dave meltzer done.  Ohh none! He is a old man who could never do what anyone on the roster can or could.”


“Not at all. But you can’t comment on the actors ability unless you have done it before or at least tried.”


“Respected by who. Losers like you with a profile pic in a high school gym Indy show.”


Meltzer replied to Corbin on Twitter with this:


“Nothing says secure like a wrestler doing the you never took a bump and then blocks your comeback.”


Corbin then replied back to Meltzer, saying:


“You where blocked while I was in nxt. Now you’re free to say what ever to me”


Baron Corbin is known to not hold back on Twitter, and this is no exception. A lot of wrestlers and wrestling fans have strong opinions of Dave Meltzer. This hatred for Meltzer must have been conceived a long time ago, as Corbin had Melter blocked on Twitter when he was in NXT. I personally don’t mind Meltzer, and I find a lot of his comments entertaining. I hope Corbin keeps being a savage on twitter, though, as it is quite hilarious.


What do you think of this newfound Twitter beef? Whose side are you on? Let us know!

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