Most people who saw NXT in 2014-2016 and last year’s SummerSlam might recognize the Demon King character Finn Bálor uses in special events (NXT TakeOver’s for example). He uses that amplified character to gain wins normally insurmountable for the normal Bálor character (Or in the case of TakeOver: The End, was even insurmountable for the Demon King as well).

But according to The Dirty Sheets podcast, associated with SportsKeeda, WWE creative has plans to let the Demon King character return to WWE TV as Bálor is currently scheduled to face Bray Wyatt at the WWE SummerSlam PPV on August 20th. The source said that the Demon King character will return at the SummerSlam PPV for the match against Wyatt. One year after the character made his last appearance when he became the first ever Universal Champion.

The Demon King face paint wasn’t a WWE invention at itself though, as he used the character earlier in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he wrestled as Prince Devitt. He debuted the face paint at Wrestle Kingdom 8 in Tokyo Dome (January 4th 2014) when he lost the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title to Kota Ibushi and used the face paint for big NJPW matches until his departure (He also used the face paint in his last match).

In WWE, he debuted the face paint at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution and used it for every TakeOver that he has a singles match in thereafter (Only not using it at TakeOver Respect where he won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic), the only loss as the Demon King was at TakeOver: The End where he lost a Steel Cage NXT Title match against Samoa Joe. On the main roster, though, he debuted the Demon King gimmick in a segment on Raw with Seth Rollins and used the gimmick in his SummerSlam match against Rollins, which thereafter he got injured. Ever since the injury, he hasn’t used the gimmick yet.

What do you guys think? Would you love to see the Demon King return, or would you rather see him wrestle as the normal Finn Bálor? Leave your comments down below.

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