The Ascension; love them or hate them, all modern WWE fans know them. Whether or not they are viewed as cheap remastered versions of The Road Warriors, or as a dark and demonic tag team, they have been an asset to the WWE since the early days of NXT.

Despite the Ascension being a well-known name in the WWE Universe, their “rising” has been one well and truly abandoned by the WWE creative teams. Other than  the occasional segment alongside the highly overrated “Fashion Police” Breezeango and the crushing loss after loss in pre-show dark matches, The Ascension’s quality only seems to be decreased by their lack of opportunity within the WWE. Lack of opportunity however creates unending self esteem depletion and frustration between both competitor and company; as we saw earlier in the year Simon Gotch leaving the company due to his lack of opportunity within the Vaudevillains. Though the burlier half, Konnor, has been with the WWE for plenty of time he has still yet to see any opportunity for a title alongside his partner Viktor. In a sea of vast tag teams from Sanity, to the Hardy Boyz, to The New Day, The Ascension have been unsurprisingly overlooked relentlessly, as though their historic reign as NXT Tag Team champions has been erased. Yet again, this seems to be a serial case of main roster booking going inconceivably wrong – no stranger to stars like Finn Bàlor, the shortest reigning Universal Champion.

All in all, it appears that all eyes are everywhere but the Ascension until the inevitable happens, and the tag team are reduced to nothing but a t-shirt in the clearance section of the WWE shop. What do you all think about The Ascension and their future in the WWE?


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