In the immediate aftermath of the Nakamura/Cena match on Smackdown, much of the talk was around the finish of the match. Unfortunately it wasn’t about the end result, but a nasty looking bump that Cena took from an reverse suplex.

With the majority of the WWE universe pleased at the outcome of this match, many were fearful that this supposed botch by Nakamura would lead to him being viewed negatively by those backstage. The initial reaction was that Vince McMahon was said to be furious, as reported by Justin Barrasso, at Sports Illustrated. He further reported that Vince was losing faith in Nakamura, and that another error on the big stage may cause Vince to have a different opinion on Shinsuke altogether. For what its worth, the opinion of those backstage was that it was a “fluke” as per PWInsider. Nakamura apologised straight after the match, with Cena almost audibly replying “Don’t be sorry”. Thankfully Cena does not appear to be injured, and is scheduled to face Baron Corbin one on one at Summerslam.

Is Vince’s reaction justified? Superstar Billy Graham doesn’t think so, and aired his opinion on Facebook:

“Hey fans, I just read a few hours ago that a story came out today in Sports Illustrated concerning the FURY of one Vince McMahon. Seem that he is furious with the Japanese star Nakamura, for dropping Cena on his head in their match last week. Vince said he “is not so much that mad at at Shinsuke, but that Cena has been the ” FACE ” of the company for a full decade now.” Not for long Vince madman McMahon. Cena is on his way to La La land.

I saw Stan Hansen give Bruno the elbow in MSG when he broke Bruno’s neck. Vince Sr. didn’t cry like a baby, he just let Bruno get his neck fixed and keep on wrestling. Vince is living in Disney Land if he thinks Cena is still the ” Face ” of the WWE. Grow up Vince.

Hey fans, I am still working on my painting, will get it up for you in a few days. Catch you folks later.

Superstar Billy Graham… PS.. God, Vince is such a cry baby !!!”

For me, the bump did not look good. The most important thing is that Cena is not injured, and whilst Nakamura apologised, Cena made it clear that he didn’t need to. This suggests that Cena knew it wasn’t all Nakamura’s fault.  Vince would do well to observe this before condemning Nakamura before his push has even begun.

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