Asuka is, undoubtedly, the female star in NXT. It isn’t up for debate, honestly. What is up for debate, however, is how and when to move Asuka to the main roster, or whether to do so at all. She has momentum right now, but I am concerned her character isn’t good enough to survive on the main roster, so the call-up is going to be tricky, but in this article, I’m going to answer the big questions of how and when it needs to happen.

When should it happen? I think this is the easiest question to answer. I feel the call-up needs to happen as soon as possible. I don’t honestly know if she is ready, but without focusing heavily on her promos in English, I’m not entirely sure more time in developmental will help, honestly. Nakamura, with a mouthpiece in, is easier to understand than Asuka. This is a problem that will manifest itself without a workaround. She needs either a translator or a manager. Paul Heyman gets my vote. Maybe have William Regal for the translator role, similar to the relationship he had with Tajiri.

As for how, that’s a trickier question to answer. If I were WWE Creative, here’s how I would do it. If main roster Asuka is going to be a face, have her be signed by the Titus Brand; if she is to be a heel, have her sign Paul Heyman as a manager. Regardless of which course is taken, it leads to the same place. Have whoever is champion come after SummerSlam come out and issue an open challenge. As a heel, she goes to SD, as a face, RAW, but this works for either show. After a moment of suspense, her manager walks out. As this is the first time she has had a manager, there is still suspense. The manager talks a bit and says something to the order of “ladies and gentlemen, my newest client…” Her music hits and an undefeated, still-NXT Women’s Champion Asuka walks out and officially accepts the challenge with “I accept.” Short, sweet, and to the point. If she messes that up, there’s no hope for a career outside of Japan.

As for the match itself, if she’s a heel, have her run over the champion. If she’s a face, have it be a good match. Regardless, she looks strong, remains undefeated, and wins the main roster title. Sometime later in the night, there can be a backstage promo where her manager and Kurt/Shane and Daniel are arguing. Asuka wants to defend both, but they end up making her choose or she is stripped. Either choice works, the wanting to defend both is the important part. As for who she should lose to, that’s another article for another time, but in order for her to be successful on the main roster, she needs to stay undefeated. Having her lose makes her ordinary, and she can’t cut promos well enough for that to happen.

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