American Alpha weren’t my favorite tag team on the roster, but I find myself pining for a time gone by. They were more innocent times… Jason and Gable were a thrift store Benjamin & Haas, with less personality, and Kurt Angle wasn’t the father to a jobber. Alas, those times were robbed from us, and what do we have to show for it? A moody teen staying in his room, albeit with the respect of A.J. Styles, and a jobber who was apparently important enough to be brought over from SmackDown Live.

There are so many problems with this storyline, but where is this thing going? That is my main question. There was someone supposedly blackmailing Kurt Angle, and that was just dropped. I want to know who it was! Samoa Joe sure did shoot up quickly, maybe it was him… And why has Jordan-Angle been a glorified jobber since he came over? He obviously has in-ring talent. So what if he doesn’t have mic skills? That never stopped Haas and Benjamin from making a name for themselves. Or A.J. Styles, for that matter.

Why couldn’t Chad Gable go to RAW with Jordan-Angle? Why break them up only to let both be stagnant in the mid-card? Actually, saying they’re mid-card is generous. They’ve been pre-show quality lately. I don’t dislike their breaking them apart. I dislike their not going anywhere with the storyline.

As I said, this storyline is silly, but just because it’s silly doesn’t mean it needs to be dropped. Sillier storylines have gone to completion. Besides. It’s too late for that now. They already had the big reveal. Got to go with it now. But they aren’t. It has stagnated. And, frankly, if something doesn’t happen to improve this storyline soon, I will be wondering why this was worth breaking up a potentially awesome tag team.

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