Okay, so.. there’s a fair bit of pressure on me writing this article. This is Four3Four’s first Top 10 list so it needs to be good. And where better to start than with face and heel turns.

A face and heel turn is something The Big Show is quite fond of. Face refers to a good guy, heel refers to a bad guy. In today’s WWE, it’s hard to actually call somebody a true face or heel, since many face’s get booed or little reactions, whilst some heels (Kevin Owens and AJ Styles) get overwhelming cheers. Even though plenty of the superstars on this list are effective in their current roles, they either have a proven track record in the opposing field, or could potentially shine in the opposite way. Whether because the storyline demands it, or because I say so, here are 10 wrestlers who could use a face or heel turn.

Disclaimer: Number 9 and 10 rank low because the dead horse has been beaten enough.

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