When Chris Jericho made yet another return to WWE in the lead up to the 2016 Royal Rumble, it was a bit of a mess. He returned as a babyface with terrible catchphrases and insults (‘Rooty Tooty Booty’ anyone?), and the worst sense of fashion in history.

Something changed though. After feuding and teaming and then feuding again with AJ Styles, Jericho managed to find his rhythym. He embraced his wackiness and his out of touch fashion choices. He became a self aware, out of touch jackass and feuded with Dean Ambrose.

While that feud led to one of the ugliest matches of the year at Extreme Rules, it did give us one very special thing-the Gift of Jericho. He found that smarmy attitude that made him one of the best heels of the last 20 years. He found…it.

He continued to put in some hilarious comedy work. The original return felt like it was light years ago. And here we are now praising Jericho for putting in some of the best work of his career.

His friendship with Kevin Owens is fantastic, and the two have a chemistry that is unrivalled in WWE today. It feels so fun and authentic, and we’re just going along for the ride. Unless you’re Tom (or Tim) Phillips, you can’t help but laugh at their antics.

Kevin Owens is the WWE Universal Champion. Kevin Owens is also a terrible friend. It is 99.9% certain that he’s going to get sick and tired of Jericho and his antics, and powerbomb him into oblivion.

Survivor Series. For the first time since the Montreal Screwjob, the historic event will return to Canada. And guess which two stars just happen to be from Canada? Jeri-KO, that’s who.

At some stage, Owens will turn on his friend. If Owens is still holding the gold (or red), this will likely lead to a title match. What better way to cap off the return of Survivor Series to Canadian soil than to have two of its favourite sons face off for the biggest prize on Raw?

And Jericho should win, simply as a reward for being one of the most entertaining characters on TV and for the years of service to the company. He can easily drop it back to Owens at the next PPV, but a babyface Jericho winning the title in Canada in the twilight of his career is too good an opportunity to let slide.

His work has been tremendous and the fans are eager to cheer him on in his current persona, so make it happen WWE-otherwise you too might end up on the List of Jericho.

And if you disagree with this article well…you’re a stupid idiot.

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