TNA majority owner Dixie Carter held a meeting with the locker room, to update them on the company’s financial situation. The meeting was held after TNA’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, and Carter brought up various issues and allowed talent to ask any questions they had. According to various sources, TNA President Billy Corgan was present at the meeting, but was silent throughout.

Many of the wrestlers reportedly asked about WWE’s bid to by TNA. Dixie apparently stated that WWE are interested, but she would not sell TNA to them. She also confirmed that TNA still owns their video library, and she doesn’t plan on selling it to WWE.

Other issues that were discussed included:

  • Late talent payments, which Dixie claims were made due to her being owed money by other companies.
  • Bound For Glory cancellation rumours. Dixie stated that the show was never going to be cancelled, but there were worries.
  • In-fighting and power problems between her and Corgan. She admitted to this.

Dixie was also surprised by the lack of faith the locker room had about the company’s survival. After the meeting, many of the wrestlers were said to feel a lot better about TNA’s survival, but some are still nervous.

What do you think about TNA’s current issues? Do you think they can survive?


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