Bobby Roode finally made his long awaited debut on the main roster 1 week ago, joining the Smackdown brand. He beat Aiden English in his first main roster match. This week he defeated Mike Kanellis in his second match.

Roode has been over with the fans for a long time. He got a decent push in NXT and WWE is planning to give him a huge one on the main roster. With the pops he’s getting, he is set to be the top babyface of the blue brand. WWE plans to put over Bobby Roode by having him defeat long time main roster performer Dolph Ziggler.

On that note, WWE management initially planned for Rusev to put over Roode. In fact, the Bulgarian Brute was supposed to beat Randy Orton in a SummerSlam rematch and then lose to Roode on SmackDown. However, plans changed owing to Rusev’s apparent displeasure with his current role in the WWE. As a result, the WWE has roped in Dolph Ziggler to put over Roode, in order to create a top babyface star in the ‘Glorious One’.