The New Day have held the WWE Tag Team Championships for over a year now, but it’s time to turn them heel.

A common thing in the internet wrestling community, is for a lot of fans to turn on an individual or a team, because they feel they’re getting ‘stale’ or ‘boring’, and the New Day are the latest victims of this.

New Day were hot as hell at first when they were heels, trash talking their opponents and becoming one of the best microphone worker’s in the WWE. They were bad guys for a long time, then officials decided it was time for a face run for the group.

It started off good, but very quickly, The New Day as good guys was not accepted by fans, especially with all of this new talent making their way to Raw & SmackDown Live.

The New Day need to turn heel soon before it’s too late, the same magic could work for them as it did Chris Jericho. Jericho was a good guy for a long time before finally turning heel by attacking AJ Styles in early 2016, and since turning heel, Jericho has been producing some of his best work yet and is loved by the internet at the present, simply because he keeps refreshing himself and generating new ideas. The same magic could certainly apply and work with The New Day.

If WWE plan on having New Day champs for a long time, then they need to turn them and quickly before the entire fan base turns on them.

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