4 Time Women’s Champion Sasha Banks recently appeared on an episode of the Sam Roberts Podcast. Banks has been known for snubbing fans at hotels and airports when they come to meet her. During a particular portion of the interview, Banks stated that she does not like being bothered by fans while she is at an airport or hotel.

Sasha says that sometimes, fans take it to the extreme in their efforts to track her down just for an autograph.

“You want me to talk about how much I hate being bothered at the airport or hotels? To me that is stalking. I don’t tweet out what hotel I am at, I don’t tweet out what airline I am flying out, I do tweet you what arena I will be performing at, so I do expect fans at the arena and I am so happy to sign at the arenas. That is fine, because I am telling you where I am going to be at. If I see you in public, that is fine. When I’m at an airport at 4 in the morning and I see somebody with a carry on and they open it with 100 items of everyone and they are bothering everybody to get an autograph and then I see it on Ebay, that is not okay to me. ‘Oh we called the airport and we asked if you were flying in anytime soon and give us a phone call’. I go: ‘give me this, leave me alone’. That is not okay, that is private information and to me that is stalking, that is creepy.”

Many fans have turned against her and she has been getting bad reactions for a face from crowds. Some fans snubbed her when she went to have a Pizza after NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III.