A few days ago we broke the news that Del Rio was stabbed and more information has emerged. Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) missed Sunday night’s AAA Heroes Inmortales X event in Mexico City and he later revealed that he was attacked by a “criminal” outside of a restaurant and posted a photo showing his stab wounds in an Instagram post. AAA actually put out a statement on Sunday and said the former WWE Champion had failed the Mexican public (Ouch)

Information from MLW Radio have said that AAA was unable to communicate with Del Rio as he lost his phone after the attack in San Antonio. Del Rio made contact on Monday morning with them and only then did the company apologize and are backing him now (Phew) . Their relationship is still in good standing from what sources tell us which is good, Del Rio actually wanted to try and make the show by chartering a flight but was talked out of it as he was still hospitalized due to his injuries.

The attack happened in San Antonio Texas before Del Rio was to fly out for the AAA event on Saturday night. It’s appearing that the confrontation took place when the driver of a car hit Del Rio’s car. The driver and Del Rio both exited their cars and had some heated words and the driver pulled a knife which caused Del Rio to back away as he had to get to the airport but he was attacked from behind and slashed with the knife. Del Rio turned around and the man tried to slash his face but Del Rio was able to move to the side, still catching a slash to the side of his head causing a big gash.

Del Rio took the man down but while taking him down, the man continued to fight, slash and stab at Del Rio’s arm. He eventually got the knife from the man but the suspect got away in his car. There were many witnesses and they did get his license plate but there’s no word yet on if the attacker has been arrested. Police came quickly after being called and a report was filed. Mr Del Rio went to the hospital to get stitches as he lost a lot of blood but is he said to be alright and doing fine thankfully.

Source: MLW Radio

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