WWE continued its trend of breaking down the fourth wall on this week’s Raw as it continued to blend the heel and face dynamics. Roman Reigns & John Cena once again got into a brilliant verbal battle as both men had incredible matches against Jason Jordan & Braun Strowman respectively. Paul Heyman hyped the Universal Championship match at No Mercy before Strowman once again laid waste to the Beast Incarnate, and the Miz unloaded on Enzo Amore on the microphone.

Roman Reigns defeated Jason Jordan. Grade: B+ Raw opened with an incredible match, a very nice change away from the standard lengthy promo. Both Roman & Jordan were incredible here; a nice momentum building win for Roman and Jordan is only upping his stock with quality matches against the likes of Reigns & Cena. Reigns wrestled a more arrogant, almost heelish style but then shook his opponents hand after the match.

Roman Reigns & John Cena Promo. Grade: A. Once again, these two delivered. Cena once again came at Roman with some brutal lines, saying that he is like a Drug Test, and Roman isn’t passing it. Reigns was significantly better on the microphone here; he was arrogant and smug, and even caught Cena with some great lines; this was without a doubt the best Roman has been on the mic.

Sasha Banks defeated Emma. Grade: C- Two of the best wrestlers in the women’s division had barely any time to showcase what they can really do. Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax tried to convey tension between them on commentary but neither really added anything of any significance. This simply was there to remind fans that the Raw Women’s Championship still exists.

Brock Lesnar & Braun Strowman Brawl. Grade: A+ Paul Heyman did what he does best and played up the Universal Championship match at No Mercy perfectly. He made Strowman sound like a legitimate threat and ran through the names that Lesnar has conquered. Strowman made his way to the ring and the two brawled and Strowman dominated, even no-selling a German Suplex; Strowman legitimately seems like he can be the one to destroy and dethrone Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt defeated Goldust. Grade: B. Bray Wyatt got a much-needed win in a simple match, but after the match Wyatt removed Goldust face-paint; symbolic of the removal of Finn Balor’s Demon Persona. Balor came out to make the save; this was a quick and creative way to provide some much-needed depth and energy into their feud.

Raw Tag Team Division Brawl. Grade: C+ Rollins & Ambrose, Cesaro & Sheamus & Anderson & Gallows all brawled on the entrance way. This was a nice way to create chaos in the tag team division, but it lacked any real intensity.

Elias defeated Kalisto. Grade: B. Elias sung a song for the people of Anaheim but Kalisto interrupted. A good competitive match, probably the most in-ring work Elias has done at least on the main roster to date. A good win for Elias, although Kalisto has absolutely nothing happening at the moment at all.

John Cena defeated Braun Strowman by Disqualification. Grade A. Interesting that this match wasn’t saved for a big PPV match with a huge build, but with the match that occurred perhaps that this is still possible. A great exhibition for Strowman absolutely decimating Cena. Cena was protected with the DQ finish, but Strowman was the star here. Absolutely perfect!

Enzo Amore defeated The Miz by Disqualification. Grade: B. The Miz & Maryse announced that they are expecting their first child; this along with the babyface but still irritating Enzo Amore made it very difficult to boo the heel here. This certainly wasn’t Enzo’s best work on the mic but the Miz was fire here as always; calling Enzo out for being thrown off the tour bus; once again shattering the fourth wall. During the match Enzo ran from the Miz as he has done recently; the Miz snapped and caused the DQ after Enzo made a comment saying “The question you need to be asking that little baby is Who’s your daddy?”.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & The Hardy Boys defeated Cesaro, Sheamus, Anderson & Gallows. Grade C- While there was nothing inherently wrong with this match, it really didn’t feel worthy of the Main Event spot. Overshadowed by previous events on the night, Ambrose took the majority of punishment before Rollins made the hot tag and got the win. A nice tag team match that reinforced the sense of chaos in the Raw Tag Team Division, but certainly underwhelming given the talent involved and the main event spot on the card.


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