Below are the results and reaction from Episode 5 of Lucha Underground’s crazy third season:

Dario Cueto opens the show. He announces that another opponent from his “Dial of Doom” will face Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto for the title. He spins the wheel and it lands on Prince Puma. Dario sets the title match for the night’s main event.

Ivelisse vs Mariposa w/ Marty “The Moth” Martinez 

Vampiro and Matt Striker mention both wrestler’s MMA background throughout the match. Ivelisse takes control in the early going. Marty grabs Ivelisse’s leg to distract her, allowing Mariposa to take advantage. Mariposa stays on top for most of the match, with Marty taunting Ivelisse and choking her while the referee turns his back. Ivelisse manages to rally and hit a sunset flip powerbomb to pick up the win.

Ivelisse def. Mariposa, via pinfall.

After the match, Marty and Mariposa outnumber and attack Ivelisse.

Johnny Mundo enters Dario’s Office

Dario is on the phone in his office. He assures the person on the phone that Matanza will defeat Prince Puma. Johnny Mundo enters and demands a Lucha Underground Championship shot. Dario refuses, so Mundo wants a Gift of the Gods Title shot. Johnny mentions that Sexy Star’s team lost last week to his team. Since Sexy Star (Gift of the Gods Champion) took the pinfall in the tag match, Dario agrees to the match. However, because Jack Evans pinned Sexy Star, Evans will face her for the title instead. Mundo storms out of the office angry.

Cage vs Texano – Match Two of the Best of Five Series for an Ultimate Opportunity 

Cage is currently 1-0 up in the series going into this match. This may explain why Texano starts off strong. The action quickly goes to the outside, with Texano body slamming Cage on the floor, then bouncing his head off the post. Cage counters with a jumping DDT, before Texano takes advantage again. Cage mounts a comeback, hitting a neckbreaker and a moonsault from the second turnbuckle. Texano responds with a vertical suplex into a knee breaker. Cage returns with an Alabama Slam. Cage ultimately hits the Lucha Destroyer to go 2-0 up in the series.

Cage def. Texano, via pinfall.

Ivelisse backstage with her new boyfriend

Ivelisse is recovering from her match and post-match attack by Mariposa and The Moth. Her new boyfriend enters the locker room. You’ll either recognise him as Soloman Crowe from NXT, or Sami Callihan from the independent scene. He goes by Jeremiah here. Jeremiah says sorry for showing up late and missing her match. Ivelisse tells him what happened after the match, and Jeremiah wants to defend her honour. She tells him not too, but he says The Temple is open to anyone. She refers to her previous relationship with Son Of Havoc, and how their working relationship ended badly. She just tells him to take her home.

Matanza Cueto (c) w/ Dario Cueto vs Prince Puma – Lucha Underground Championship

The match quickly spills to ringside. Puma uses his aerial advantage to get the better of Matanza in the early going. Matanza manages to counter and the action comes back into the squared circle. The quick pace slows down, with Matanza grounded the challenger and slamming him on the mat. Puma finally counters with a flying clothesline. Puma’s momentum continues with a standing shooting star press. Matanza responds with a vicious-looking German suplex. The Champ hits some splashes in the corner, before Puma catches him for a suplex and a brainbuster. Matanza hits a suplex and a powerbomb. Matanza goes for his finisher, Wrath Of The Gods, but Puma counters a DDT. Puma continues to rally before hitting his finisher, 630 Splash. After hitting it, Mil Muertes runs in and spears Puma. The referee tries to call the match off, but Dario demands the match continue. Muertes hits the Flatliner, before exiting the ring. Matanza hits the Wrath Of The Gods to pick up the win. Matanza and Dario stand tall in the ring.

Matanza Cueto def. Prince Puma, via pinfall.

Credit Scene

Killshot is working out, before Joey Styles walks in and hands Killshot an envelope that was given to him by someone outside. Killshot asks who the guy was, but Styles doesn’t know, or really care. He opens the envelope to find a burnt piece of paper with the words “You left me for dead” written on it.

As usual, Lucha Underground delivers a high quality show. Every storyline was expanded nicely and all of the matches were very entertaining. The highest point was the main event for sure, with Matanza looking like he was actually about to lose for the first time. The match itself was excellent, and the finish made complete sense and only excites for the continuation of Puma-Muertes feud. No low point in the show, which seems to be the case in most episodes. I look forward to next week’s wacky episode. A great show – 8.5/10.





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