205 Live saw Jack Gallagher turn heel in excellent fashion joining forces with The Brian Kendrick, Rich Swann and TJP faced off in their final pay-off match, and Breezango made a surprise appearance as the Fashion Police and arrested Drew Gulak for Fashion Crimes during his brilliant PowerPoint Presentation.

Rich Swann defeated TJP. Grade: C. Make no mistake about it, this was a great match, it’s just that the crowd could not have cared less. The two men wrestled a good match but the crowd was dead throughout and had no interest, and rightfully so. This feud has missed a beat from the start and despite the lack of respect shown by TJP after the match, hopefully this feud is done and everyone can move onto bigger and better things.

Drew Gulak Continued his PowerPoint Presentation but was interrupted by the Fashion Police. Grade: B+. If Drew Gulak can get a PowerPoint Presentation over then he is the greatest thing ever. They really need to continue with this PowerPoint thing as Gulak executes it brilliantly. Breezango come out as the Fashion Police and arrest Gulak for a Fashion Crime, looking like Captain Underpants. Seeing Breezango on 205 Live was quite odd and unexpected, but still incredibly entertaining; they are crazy over with the crowd and Tyler Breeze reading Gulak his ‘Fashion Rights’ was hilarious as well as their ‘Police Chase’.

Jack Gallagher turns heel during The Brian Kendrick vs Cedric Alexander. Grade: B. The match between Kendrick & Alexander was fine but too short to really mean anything. The main talking point here was Gallagher turning heel and joining forces with Brian Kendrick. After their feud where Gallagher got destroyed in their match, having him side with the deceiving and manipulative Kendrick. Very interesting to see where this leads to in the future.

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