If you didn’t see it when it aired on TV, Bill Goldberg appeared on ESPN’s Sport Center and Goldberg talked some of the various topics that we’ve highlighted below.

– Goldberg was asked about being in WWE 2K17 and Bill mentioned that he was in tumultuous relationships with WWE over the past several years, However Goldberg feels life changes such as starting a family has changed his views. He wants his son to see him wrestle at least in video game form if he doesn’t get back in the ring.

– They also talked about Goldberg’s epic entrance in WCW and how organic it became, Bill mentioned that he started his entrance by  head butting the door.

– Bill was also asked if he had any regrets in the world of wrestling and Goldberg says he feels that maybe he should’ve been a bit more mature in the past. Goldberg also says it’s a blessing to get another opportunity also to get on the “back cover” of the WWE 2K17.

– Since departing from the WWE Bill also says he and Vince McMahon have not had any contact between the pair or spoken.

– Regarding a return to the WWE ring in the future Goldberg admits he’s an old man at 49 years old but extremely fit and in good shape for his age. If anyone can do it he can he mentions. Goldberg wants to be that guy again for his son to see him in that iconic role even if it’s for one more time.

– Some possible opponents were brought up and Goldberg says there’s currently a long list of people. He doesn’t owe Brock Lesnar a re-match but says Lesnar would definitely be an option still, He wants to do a lot of training and some soul-searching so he can see if he still actually wants to do it. “Give me until the end of the year for God’s sake.”

Overall it was pretty quick interview with Jonathon Coachman.

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