When WWE decided to go PG back in 2008, they also eliminated various adult orientated tactics such as chair shots to the head, cursing in promos and of course blood/blading. With that being said we have seen various moments of blood and possible blading in recent years which leads us to ask, did Vince McMahon blade on the most recent edition of Smackdown live?

According to Dave Meltzer, he has stated that he has spoken to several people and has came to the conclusion that Vince McMahon did indeed blade himself, he claims the methods used are unclear but believes some sort of fake skin covering the blood was used and was held in place until Vince decided to break it open from the headbutt.

If Vince did indeed blade, that would be a hypocritical move by him considering he has fined guys in previous years for intentional blading. Although, i do agree blood has it’s place in wrestling, it should be confined to serious storylines that really need it and not for the sake of just having blood. The segment between Owens and McMahon certainly increased the storyline with blood but blading to get it may have been unnecessary.

What do you guys think? Should blading be allowed in the WWE? How do you guys feel about blood in wrestling? Should Vince fine guys for blading if he himself is in a wrestling ring blading? Sound off in the comments below!


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