Here is a WWE 2K18 information round-up with everything we found out from the 2K SummerSlam event in New York City, where an early build of WWE 2K18 was playable featuring 10 male characters and 3 different match types: 1 on 1 normal, Elimination Chamber and 10-man Royal Rumble.

Superstars Overalls from the SummerSlam Build

(Overalls might be different in the final version of the game)

  • John Cena: 93
  • Seth Rollins: 92
  • Samoa Joe: 91
  • Randy Orton: 90
  • AJ Styles: 89
  • Bobby Roode: 88
  • Baron Corbin: 86
  • Neville: 84
  • Eric Young: 83
  • TJ Perkins: 77

These were the only playable characters in the demo.

Royal Rumble
  • There is a New “Ring Toss Out” Skill that allows you to throw your opponent out of the ring
  • Overall, it is much easier to pull of Royal Rumble Eliminations
  • The weight class of the Superstars plays a factor in the Royal Rumble Match
  • There are plenty of new Elimination Types due to the new Carry and Drag System
  • There is now a Recovery Meter,where you rest by the ropes until you can get up.
  • It is possible to throw someone out of the ring from the first or second rope without eliminating him.
Elimination Chamber
  • Both the old and new Elimination Chamber structures are playable.
  • As previously reported, Elimination Chamber Entrances are in the game. They show the regular entrance up until the ramp, and then transition into an animation of entering the Chamber.
  • There are 6 different chamber-entering animations and a championship-specific one, as well as some Superstar-specific animations.
Othepick.scellaneous Information
  • Contrary to what rumored, the Crowd Fighting Area seems to not have been expanded to the other sides of the arena, and looks to be the same as WWE 2K17. However, more weapons were made available in the area.
  • In Create-A-Match, it’s possible to select options for First Blood and 2 out of 3 Falls.
  • JoJo is in the ring when presenting entrances.
  • The arena and the crowd feel much more alive and dynamic.
  • Like in real life after the brand split and stage re-design, the Raw Arena has the announce table near the stage and does not have one near the ring.
  • The Menu and interface is completely revamped with a red/blue (Raw/SmackDown) feel.
  • The weight class is shown next to overall when highlighting the superstar you are about to pick.

Fans shared the pictures of the menu and character select screens, here are they:

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