With new breaking that WWE is bringing back the Starrcade name, for a live show only though, what other WCW names need to come back?

First of all, yes, Halloween Havoc is my first choice to come back. It needs to be on Halloween too. I don’t care what day of the week it is. This year it’s Tuesday so can we have a special Halloween Havoc edition of Smackdown? That was the best pay-per-view set up ever, not even close. It would make for an excellent show or even a SUPERSHOW. Have Raw stars appear, and make it a three-hour special. Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor have to be there. This just seems like something so obvious that I don’t know what it wouldn’t be something they would want to do.



Next up, how about Superbrawl? Great classic name for a show. There were some great moments at Superbrawl shows. The first thing that comes to mind is that it is where Rey got unmasked. It was, perhaps the second biggest show of WCW, other than World War 3 shows.


WCW wasn’t short in coming up with cool names for shows (and some stinkers), Souled Out was also a good name and usually a pretty good show. It would probably have worked better in the Seth Rollins heel days having sold out The Shield to join up with HHH, but this story will be recycled, as always, and have its day again.

I also feel that I need to mention War Games, not as only a show but also as a match. This is so similar to things that WWE has done as a match concept (and way better that some, *cough* Punjabi Prison *cough) but never quite the way as it was with War Games.

Sparking interest is something they need to do again and doing some of these, or bringing back others like Road Wild, Slamboree, Mayhem, Uncensored, Bash at the Beach or any other that has “special” billing. Bash at the Beach would be a very interesting thing for them to do. Take it out on the beach and let them go.

What do you think? Any shows you guys would want to see make a comeback? Let me know!

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