Since its introduction to the main roster, the Cruiserweight division has struggled to garner much of a reaction from the WWE universe.

The highly talented performers have been pigeonholed to only fight those in the 205lb division, and have little to no interaction with the rest of the main roster stars. We have seen a few examples where they have, such as Enzo Amore on Miz TV last week or the Cedric Alexander/Noam Dar/Alicia Fox love triangle. Besides these rarities, they have been seen as separate from the rest of the roster.

Here are five things WWE could try to make the Cruiserweight division feel less separate from the rest of the roster.

5. Akira Tozawa and Apollo Crews Tag TeamCrews and Tozawa have a great friendship outside of the ring, and they both are under the Titus Worldwide banner on Raw. Tozawa recently held the Cruiserweight title so he has some credibility there, and it would definitely freshen the two guys up.

Crews has been stagnant on Raw since debuting after Wrestlemania last year, and a pairing with one of the more popular Cruiserweight performers would be a fun pairing, and potential for future gold in the tag division.

4. Sasha Banks and Rich Swann Partnership

Rich Swann and Sasha Banks have teamed up a couple of times on TV, and have a very good chemistry. The pairing between the two would not have to be a romantic angle or anything like that, but simply friends who support each other in their quests for championship gold.

One intriguing idea would be if Sasha turns heel by winning or defending her title with the help of Swann, and the Boss cheat and help Swann in his efforts to move back up the ranks on 205 Live. She is a popular star with a large following and would get a lot more eyes on the Cruiserweight product.

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