If you’ve been a fan of wrestling for over 9 years, you most likely know who Chris Benoit is, and how talented the man was. Unfortunately, you will also know why WWE refuses to talk about him anymore. For those who don’t know, the former World Heavyweight Champion killed his wife and son back in June 2007, before ultimately killing himself. Since learning the truth of the double murder-suicide, WWE haven’t mentioned him on TV and made it impossible to search his name on the WWE Network.

Naturally however, such a shocking event is leading to a film about his life, called “Crossface”. The film is currently in development with Lexi Alexander, known for Punisher: War Zone, ready to direct the biopic.

Rather unsurprising, WWE are not happy about the movie being developed. The WON reports that since the movie will probably show drug and steroid use, as well as CTE as an explanation to why Benoit turned on his family, WWE would not like to see the movie move forward. WWE are likely worried that the drug and steroid use will depict the company as complacent, for not drug-testing wrestlers regularly, while stating CTE as a cause of Chris Benoit’s mental state negatively impacts professional wrestling overall. While WWE probably can’t do much to halt the progress of the film, they will do their best to divert away from the negativity it produces towards the company and wrestling as a whole.

“Crossface” will undoubtedly be a must-see for any wrestling fan, as it will depict the struggles many wrestler go through behind the scenes. Hopefully, the film shows Benoit’s amazing career and talent before the tragedy that struck on June 24th 2007.

If the film is released, will you be watching “Crossface”? Who should play Chris Benoit in the movie?

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