In a welcome juxtaposition of the tiresome (insert face here) versus Corporation/Authority storyline, we saw Kevin Owens arise like a butterfly from a brooding cocoon two SmackDown Lives ago. After a somewhat whiny promo, he was interrupted by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon. For those who missed it, he proceeded to headbutt, superkick, and beat down Mr. McMahon after a nice segment.

Yes, you read that right. “two SmackDown Lives ago.” I cannot believe I just typed that, so your double-take is understandable. I would not be bringing it up, but there has been an unexpected controversy going about on social media. “Did Vince McMahon blade?” I have seen that question as well as discussions as to the answer a worryingly large number of times within the past week. So much so that I have forced myself to join in on the discussion. Ready for my opinion as to the answer? On the edge of your seat in anticipation of my thoughts of what this means for the future of the WWE? Here goes.

WHO CARES? So what if he did? For years, all I’ve heard is “we want the Attitude Era back.” Well there was a lot of blood back then. Now that you get it, you’re… questioning whether he bladed?

I don’t care whether it is banned. I don’t care whether it is hypocritical. What I care about is the fact that Kevin Owens, the indie heel darling, the man who has been one of my favorite true heels since his debut, was shown up by an old man. Vince ripped him to shreds in that promo. Is KO overrated? That is the question that should be getting asked, and the answer to that is yes.

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