One of the most anticipated big man title matches happened last night at WWE No Mercy between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman; And it was disappointing.

Though there was a lot of anticipation for the match, especially since there seemed to be speculation that we may be crowning a new Universal Champion, we were instead treated to more of the same old news. Brock Lesnar executed less than ten (maybe five?) moves during the match, and Braun Strowman had his offence ruled in-effective by the beast.

Strowman started off the early part of the match working Lesnar over heavily. After an early german suplex from Lesnar, Strowman came back with some great offense of his own, including the running power-slam for a near fall. Even so, he continued to dominate Lesnar on the outside of the ring, even slamming him into the ring post. Michael Cole noted that Lesnar’s entire offence to this point was “one right hand and one german suplex”.

They went back in the ring, with Brock eventually working his way back into the match when locking Strowman’s arm in the Kimura lock. He held the submission for quite a while until Strowman escaped via grabbing the rope and then followed with a big spine-buster. Brock then countered with a series of german suplexes, brining his total move count for the match up to three. This was then countered again by Strowman coming back and delivering two running power-slams for a near fall.

After Strowman hesitated, he walked into an F-5 and then a pin fall. We are not making that up. That was literally the finish. All the hype, and all the buildup around Strowman, only to fall to one single F-5. There’s no way to even sugar coat that fact that Lesnar just pinned one of the biggest up and coming stars of the brand with one move. This main event was extremely disappointing. There was a ton of hype coming into the match and the delivery did not satisfy the fans. Why have your biggest competition be taken out by just one F-5? Why have so much offence from Strowman and have Lesnar kick out of three running power-slams?

After several minutes of scratching our heads from the poor finish of that match, we’ll have to move on to wondering where do we go from here for the next pay-per-veiw? The only realization coming from that outcome is that it’s never been more clear that WWE is still planning to have Reigns/Lesnar main event Wrestlemania and there is a ZERO percent chance that The Beast will be dropping the belt anytime before we get there.

What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy the Universal Championship match? Was it a flop? Are you thinking that Reigns is headed to be headlining the show of shows for an unprecedented 4th year in a row and actually stands a chance at dethroning Brock Lesnar? Let me know below.

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