Everything is about to change for Matt Hardy

When word got out over the weekend about Jeff Hardy’s injury, there was hope within WWE that the injury was not too serious and he would not have to take too much time off from in-ring action. However, as confirmed on Monday by WWE, he has a torn rotator cuff and that means that he will be out of action for several months and he will likely miss WrestleMania.

Following this week’s Monday Night Raw, Matt put over his new friend Jason Jordan as they competed in tag-team competition. However, don’t expected to see Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan teaming together long-term as the Matt Hardy-Jason Jordan partnership won’t last for too long because WWE has big plans for Jordan as a singles star.

However, Matt Hardy has been teasing on his social media as of late, and now especially since his “brother Nero” suffered his injury, about being “Woken” and “Broken”. With today, posting this to his Instagram account:


Is “Broken” Matt Hardy about to get “Woken”? Will we see Jeff Hardy return as “Brother Nero”? My guess is yes, or at least a modified version. The pair of brothers have yet to settle their legal case for the rights to the “Broken” gimmick with GFW.

All I know is I have only but one word to describe these events, DELETE! With a side of enthusiastic “YES, YES, YES!” chants.

Are you excited for Broken Matt and Brother Nero? Because they are undoubtably coming to WWE soon or later.




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