The now One Man Band hasn’t been doing much on WWE Television since the superstar shakeup saw him move to Monday Night Raw and really hasn’t been featured much since he and Rhyno lost the Smackdown Tag Team Titles to the Wyatt Family at TLC. But perhaps now is the time to finally give Heath Slater a World Title shot, because after all, he’s got kids!

Let’s be clear, I’m by no means saying Slater should win, I’m by no means saying this should even be an extended feud or even on a PPV, but Heath Slater vs Brock Lesnar serves a number of purposes. Heath Slaters motivation can originate from the fact that for the first time ever, the other two members of 3MB are now holding world championships with Jinder Mahal (still can’t believe I have to say this) as the WWE Champion and Drew McIntyre the NXT Champion. Slaters goal can be to achieve the impossible, have all three members of 3MB as World Champions in WWE (what has the world come to).

Heath Slater can find added motivation in the fact that he stepped to Brock Lesnar last year on Raw, where Lesnar told him in no uncertain terms “I don’t give a s*** about your kids”. This serves as a perfect way to get Slater back into the ‘I Got Kids’ gimmick which is arguably the best gimmick he’s ever had, behind the ‘trying to get himself a job’ gimmick which kind of fits together with the former anyway. This history only adds another underlying layer to what can be a fun one-night thing.

What is always the major downfall of Brock Lesnar’s world title runs? The fact that he hardly ever defends the belt. Having Health Slater challenge for the belt would not only be a world of fun, but would give Lesnar a much-needed title defence on Television. Slaters intentions could be made in the first segment (as per standard WWE procedure it would seem) for the match to be set for the main event. Giving Lesnar a title defence, even if it is a squash and a bit of fun, will do wonders for ratings and exposure for arguably WWE’s biggest star. Slater won’t be hurt by a squash loss, its essentially become his gimmick; you could even have Slaters tag team partner Rhyno run interference giving the fans one almighty shock and a memorable near fall; also a quick Rhyno & Paul Heyman interaction would pull on the heart strings and make for some entertainment too.

This doesn’t have to be a serious feud, this doesn’t even have to last longer than one episode of Raw, but having Heath Slater challenge for the Universal Title not only makes a lot of sense, but would be a world of fun for a night. Who knows, maybe 3MB can finally take over the world after all?

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