It’s that time again! Chaz’s “Flame or Lame” listings for this week in WWE are as follows…

RAW (September 25th, 2017):

The Miztourage KILL Roman Reigns.

Alright so obviously they did not actually KILL Roman Reigns. But they destroyed the hell out of him… And it was sweet. I’m a Roman Reigns fan, but a bigger Miz fan. I haven’t really been big on the Miztourage, that is until now. This segment was the start to a great build. They hit him with chairs sooooo many times. And better yet, just as we thought they were done, The Miztourage runs back in the ring and does some more damage! This was incredible. As you all know I’m a huge fan of foreign objects, and they laid the smack-down on Reigns. But, we all know the Big Dog will be back for vengeance. AND THE MIZTOURAGE DID THE SHIELD FIST BUMP. Could this lead to a Shield reunion? We will have to wait and find out. (Rating: FLAME!)

(Close Second: The Mickie James & Alexa Bliss segment. I am VERY excited for this feud.)

Neville Ruins Enzo Amore’s Celebration.

This just really made me mad. Another week where Enzo Amore gets the snot kicked out of him. It annoys me so much that It really makes my blood boil. It makes 0 sense that Enzo Amore is a constant ragdoll week after week, after week, after week, after week, after week. He is a Champion dammit! I understand he’s a loud mouth backstage and all, but this guy is a MONEY DRAW! He is so gifted on the mic, AND he sells merch. I hate seeing him get wrecked so often. It was awesome seeing him become champion. But right now they are making him look like a complete fool. WWE could make this guy a star with the correct booking. Which right now he doesn’t receive. Although he did win his first title, he should be booked as a champion. Vince loves seeing Enzo get thrown around, so I do not see this changing for awhile, if ever. (Rating: LAME!)


SmackDown Live (September 26th, 2017):

Kevin Owens KILLS Sami Zayn.

So many chairs this week! Kill Owens Kill. That is exactly what he has been doing. The past few weeks we have seen a side of Kevin Owens that we have never seen before. This week on SmackDown Live, we saw Kevin Owens LOSE it on his former best friend. I love seeing this side of Owens. They are truly building him to be a very very strong heel. The facial expressions he makes are great too. And can we just talk about how Shane McMahon comes out to save the day, and gets rocked by the chair that was around Sami’s neck? Man did that look painful…. (Rating: FLAME!)

Carmella Has James Ellsworth……. On a Leash.

Stop it. This is stupid. Very stupid. Carmella is a smoke-show, and James Ellsworth is the man, but damn they portray him as such a coward. James, take off the leash and start smoking people with the No Chin Music. Please and thank you. That is all. (Rating: LAME!)

(Close Second: Shane coming to save Sami Zayn and getting smoked by the chair and KO fleeing. I was really hoping to see a throw-down between them.)

205 Live (September 26th, 2017): 

The Emperor Smacktalker Skywalker Strikes Back.

NOW THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE!!! Loved every part of this. Finally Muscles Marinara gets some damn revenge!! As soon as Neville made Daivari tap out, The Realest Guy in the room hit him with his crutch and showed The Man That Gravity Forgot, that gravity does in-fact exist, and got some sweet revenge. This was good, and finally made me feel a little better about the Enzo situation. The guy deserves to get the upperhand every once in awhile so boy was I glad to see him standing tall after that. Plus, I just really dislike Neville. Never been a Neville fan. Never will. Bada-Boom, Realest Guy In The Room. HAHAHA How You Doin, “King of The Cruiserweights”? (Rating: FLAME!)

Akira Tozawa def. Tony Nese.

Both of these guys bore the hell out of me. Tony Nese has the body of a superior athlete, but he needs to stop flexing every 10 seconds and stop being so boring. He needs some character. If properly booked, with the right storylines, he could be a fan favorite. Akira Tozawa on the other hand, personally I do not see him sticking around long. That guy is a bozo. Good match though. Very fast paced and both are extremely athletic. Like I said before, they are just extremely boring. (Rating: LAME!)


NXT (September 27th, 2017):

Adam Cole def. Eric Young.

FLAME. ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!!! I am extremely high on Adam Cole and the rest of the Undisputed Era right now. Not only was this a good match, but it is the start to a good storyline between the Undisputed Era & Sanity. On a side note, I think that Adam Cole has the potential to be the next big star in the World Wrestling Federation. He has so much talent and skill. I am so excited for him to show up on the main roster one day. But for now I will continue to enjoy watching him on NXT. (Rating: FLAME!)

Lars Sullivan def. Oney Lorcan.

Go home Gene Snitsky Lars Sullivan. You are LAME and I hate you. (Rating: Lame!)



Well that’s it until next week folks. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my opinions. Agree or disagree? Let me know below!

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