Are we going to see Daniel Bryan wrestle again?

Daniel Bryan doesn’t want his wrestling career to be over. He pushed back against his retirement for months before announcing his wrestling career was over on WWE Raw, then accepted an assignment as general manager of Smackdown last year. But even since before his retirement, he’s been hinting that he’ll leave WWE when his contract is up if that means he gets to wrestle elsewhere. Lately, he’s even mentioned he’s planning to return to in-ring action.

On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (as reported by WrestleZone), Dave Meltzer said that while Bryan is indeed training for a comeback, nothing is set in stone, and much of his decision will, of course, depend on how he feels when his contract is actually up next year. Over the past few weeks, Bryan started teasing a 2018 comeback once again after Cody Rhodes captured the Ring of Honor World Championship – Cody’s first world title in any promotion. Bryan expertly trolled wrestling fans by congratulating Rhodes and saying he would come after him in 2018 if Cody manages to match his own stint as ROH world champion, which ran to 462 days

Daniel Bryan’s contact is set to expire in September of 2018. Many rumours are circulating that ROH or New Japan Pro Wrestling is where Bryan will end up. Bryan has also been documenting training with his wife Brie Bella, which WWE has decided not to show do in fact to Bryan not being cleared by WWE doctors. There is no doubt wherever Daniel Bryan ends up, he is going to bring a huge following and a lot of new ratings.

What are your thoughts. Excited to see the “Yes” man back inside the ring? Let me know below.

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