Hello everyone! Welcome to your favorite time of the week. Flame or Lame! Let’s see what made the list this week… -Chaz


RAW (October 2nd, 2017):

The Shield Reunion (Well Kinda).

I think everyone and their brother loved the hell out of this moment. Even though it was so short, it was total foreshadowing. Both the tag team champs, and the Big Dog have ran into trouble with Cesaro & Sheamus. Of course we are going to see a Shield reunion and see them stand tall against Cesaro, Sheamus, The Miz & his goons. But this is going to be big. It’ll be a monster money draw, and the fans will love it. Also as we know, the guys at the round table want the fans to love Roman Reigns, so I do think this could help. As I’ve stated before, I’m a Roman Reigns fan, and with the proper booking he really could be the next face of WWE. Just not yet. (Rating: FLAME!)

Bray Wyatt Gives A Preview Of Sister Abigail.

SPOILER ALERT. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!! WWE You stop this right now! In this segment we saw Bray Wyatt give a glimpse of Sister Abigail. Bray’s hair covered his face and we heard a very freaky girly laugh. It is being said that WWE is not going to introduce a female to play the part of Sister Abigail, but yet Bray Wyatt will be Sister Abigail. Similar to how we see Finn Balor become The Demon Finn Balor (which is also stupid that they call him that) at times. The Wyatt Family with an actual Sister Abigail and an actual match winning push would be sweet. Anyway, sources say Bray Wyatt will be announced as Sister Abigail at when he faces Finn Balor. Ridiculous. (Rating: LAME!)


SmackDown Live (October 3rd, 2017):

Kevin Owens Wrecks Shane McMahon.

Kevin Owens does it again. His segments on SmackDown Live have easily been my favorites for weeks! This ruthless side of Kevin Owens is so damn entertaining. And I LOVE seeing anything hardcore-ish so this was awesome. Shane McMahon made the mistake of running through the crowd to come at Kevin Owens by the concession stands, and boy did he pay the price. KO man-handled Shane before powerbombing him through one of the merch tables. I wonder what the merch workers were thinking lol. After this we saw a beat up Shane make his way back to the ring where Kevin Owens was cutting a promo, and ultimately Kevin Owens gave Shane a preview of their Hell In A Cell match by kicking his ass in the ring, and standing tall after a Pop-Up Powerbomb. (Rating: FLAME!)

Carmella Has James Ellsworth……. On a Leash.

I actually really really enjoyed SmackDown Live this week, so it was hard to find something to complain about… So again, I’ll use the same thing as last week. GET JAMES ELLSWORTH OFF THE DAMN LEASH!!! I love Carmella and I love James Ellsworth but LET MY MAN FREE!!!! Other than that I think we can all agree that Carmella is a total Smoke-show lol. FREE MY MAN JAMES ELLSWORTH. (Rating: LAME!)

205 Live (October 3rd, 2017): 

Cedric Alexander Shows Gentleman Jack Whats Up.

I officially take back what I previously said about Cedric Alexander. Previously I stated how I find him extremely boring. That was until this week’s 205 Live episode! I’ve always liked Gentleman Jack but seeing this side of Cedric was very cool. Towards the end of the match we saw Jack reach for William The Third, but Cedric was able to over come this objective, and snatched the umbrella from Jack and really showed him what’s up. Hitting him with it a few times and then bringing the brawl outside of the ring, then tossing Jack into the barricade. Loved it. (Rating: FLAME!)

Mustafa Ali def. Drew Gulak.

Who? Both of these guys are irrelivent to me. And will continue to be unless there is a reason for them NOT to be irrelevant to me. Mustafa looks like a power ranger and I don’t even know whats going on with Drew Gulak, and I really do not care. (Rating: LAME!)


NXT (October 4th, 2017):

Drew McIntyre def. Roderick Strong.

I like Drew McIntyre ALOT. And this match was very entertaining. It was a classic match between two babyface’s with great in-ring ability. I gave this match the flame simply because it was a very good match. Also after the match we had the Undisputed Era share some words with Roderick Strong, so I am curious to see how that turns out. On a side note, Drew McIntyre has greatly improved as an in-ring competitor over the years, and I look forward to seeing him each week. Kudos to Drew McIntyre & Roderick Strong. (Rating: FLAME!)

Lio Rush’s Sort-Of Debut.

Bro! What the hell is this garbage. The Long awaited debut of Lio Rush is interrupted by failed Tough Enough competitor Patrick. Well I guess he is the Velveteen Dream now? Which that name is just annoying to say… But WTF! I have followed Lio Rush for quite some time now, so you bet your bottom dollar I was excited for his debut in NXT. But since The Velveteen Dream seems as if he has a crush on Aleister Black, and is trying to impress him, that dingle-berry had to ruin Lio’s debut. VERY LAME. All of you who don’t know who Lio Rush is, trust me, you will LOVE HIM! That guy can wrestle. (Rating: Lame!)


Well that’s it until next week folks. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my opinions. Agree or disagree? Let me know below!

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