The perfect 10 is one of the best wrestlers in the SmackDown Live roster. He is charismatic, confident and marketable. Tye possess an incredible technical move-set that makes him a difficult opponent against anyone that faces him in the squared circle. However, WWE decided to make him the ultimate jobber and has no further plan for The Perfect 10. This article is to explain you why Tye Dillinger needs a title in his CV to take him to the next level.

I remember the first time I saw Tye in a ring. It was in the WWC in Puerto Rico under the name of Shawn Spears working as a heel. Even better, he was paired with Idol Stevens (now known as Damien Sandow) and together, they won the WWC World Tag Team Titles. They were amazing together. Tye was paired with the right guy and both were having a great run as Tag Team Champions in Puerto Rico. Tye Dillinger was a serious threat to anyone and was one of the top guys at WWC. People hated him working as a heel, as he was disrespecting Puerto Rican roots and heroes. This is exactly what he needs in his WWE run. Not working as a heel, but working as a top baby-face.

He was beloved by the NXT fans and was known for being a hard-worker. He stole the show in any match he had. Many times, he got the victory. However, he never won the NXT Champion. It didn’t matter how much he deserved it; the WWE Creative Team never gave him the title win he needed to push his career to the next level. However, the WWE can make it right this time and give Tye the WWE United States Title or the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

He needs a title run so he can be promote as a strong name in the cards. We all know he is a great talent. Why not give him a title? He can be paired with AJ Styles in a rivalry for the United States Champion with the ultimate underdog story. This can push AJ Styles as a top heel again while placing Tye as a top baby-face in the company. Imagine the crowd roaring after the referee counts three and Tye wins the United States Champion. The crowd reaction will be epic; similar reaction than when Zack Ryder won the International Champion on Wrestlemania.

This will push Tye Dillinger as a top baby-face in the company automatically. They can later use him to feud big heels like Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal and create incredible feuds with both of them. They can even pair him with Sami Zayn and make them the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. These two can be an incredible Tag Team full of energy and charisma that can leave the crow ecstatic from the moment they walk through the courts in. Combined, they can become the new face of the SmackDown Tag Team Division for a long time. They can have incredible rivalries with The Colons, Breezango, The Ascension, The Usos and even a heel version of The New Day.

Giving Tye Dillinger either the WWE United States Champion or the SmackDown Tag Team Champions with Sami Zayn, can push Tye’s career to the next level and put him as one of the top baby-face in SmackDown Live immediately. The Perfect 10 is a hard-worker that deserves to hold gold in his career. Sure, a title can improve his CV; but a title in Tye Dillinger’s career will really convert him in a true Perfect 10.