The feud between The New Day and The Usos over the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship has been one of the best things in WWE this year and both teams deserve all the credit they have been given so far. The two teams faced off in a Hell in a Cell match at the namesake show and it was The Usos who walked out of the potentially feud-ending brawl and match of the night candidate victorious.

Both the champions and challengers wasted little time getting the match started as both teams went under the ring to find some weapons. They stared each other down as the match began with Jimmy Uso tossing a chair at Xavier Woods in hilarious fashion.

That exchange seemed to set the tone for the rest of the contest as it was a mix of slapstick hilarity and shocking brutality. Woods somehow found a rainbow stash of trombones underneath the ring and began to destroy the Usos with the litany of Francescas.

But this was not all the champions would find under the ring as Big E pulled out a gong and a cowbell, prompting Corey Graves to make a reference to Will Ferrell’s classic Saturday Night Live skit.

The momentum flip flopped back and forth throughout the whole match, but the New Day finally got it back on their side by locking Jey Uso inside a makeshift kendo stick cage in the corner of the cell. The champs took out their frustrations on Jimmy Uso with the remaining kendo sticks before Jey was able to escape.

The Usos set Big E up for a nasty looking Doomsday Device/Tope Suicida combination into the cell wall. This allowed the challengers to handcuff Woods to the turnbuckle and crack him repeatedly with kendo sticks.

The Usos set up Woods for the Double Uce, but he was just able to kick out of the double team move. However, they did not stop the brutality as they laid a chair on top of Woods and hit another Double Uce to win the match and claim their fifth tag team championship.

The New Day, however, writhed in pain on the outside as they realized what had just happened to them.


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